NSITE -Necessary Spiritual Insights Toward Enlightenment  

Dr. Karmen Smith

Deepak Chopra and Dr.Karmen in 2014


Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE is HERE.  The chapter video's are available here. There are 19 short video's- buy the book today.

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Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith with Dr. Karmen Smith.

Forgiveness is like a light that comes on in the darkness.

It illuminates the possibilities of our life that we couldn't see before.The possibilities include all of the things we want and the desires of our heart. Invite the potential that is within you to come out to play but first practice forgiveness.

NSITE (Necessary Spiritual Insights Toward Enlightenment).

NSITE's intention is to reveal the steps to heal and access our optimum potential. To help people discover abundance in all aspects of their life through, psychological, and spiritual practices.

Everyone wants to have loving relationships, abundant finances, and a life that is exciting. So why does it seem like it is difficult to achieve? Some may even think it is impossible. Well all  of us want these things and it  is possible to have it be your life.  The answer is simple yet profound. Forgiveness...Yes the reason that our lives are boxed in and limited is related to our ability to forgive.
I know what you are thinking....What? I thought there was a magic pill or a secret formula out there that could change my life.

Well forgiveness is not a pill but it will change your life. Forgiveness changes how you see yourself and others which is life changing. The best solution to your health, finances, and relationships can be found in your practice of forgiveness. When we change the inner paradigm from victim to victor our outer reality changes.  

My name is Dr Karmen Smith and I have put together the steps necessary to live a forgiving life. I can provide you with a unique approach to helping you reach your goals for an awesome life. I know that unforgiveness can have an impact on your health causing stress and creating experiences of trauma. Stop the cycle of pain by taking action to eliminate undesired experiences from your life.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an ordained minister (Doctor of Divinity). In college my major was Mental Health Research with an emphasis on learning and processing information.You no longer need to hold onto hate. I have created an easy to understand program for you to release the pain and forgive.  

I have over twenty years in the Mental Health and Child Welfare field. I have helped many people stop the abuse cycle and live drama free lives.

Go to the ONLINE COURSE page for free video's on how to relieve stress. Access the video's and learn how you can recieve a higher way of knowing and unlock the healing channels within yourself. Watch the video below about how powerful forgiveness can be and start your own forgiveness process. Take the first step to obtain and access what you want...a life full of awesome possibilities. You can be the one to heal your life. BE THE ONE!