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Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE is HERE.  The chapter video's are available here. There are 19 short video's- buy the book today.

Is a guide to changing the way you may see the world. If you see the world as being scary unpredictable and it causes you to worry and be anxious, it doesn't have to be that way. Transform your world  into a creative playground that is safe and liberating.




Dr. Karmen Smith LCSW D.D.


I had pain that I carried around for years and it poisoned other aspects of my life. I grew up in a home that had domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse and alcoholism.

I hated my father for most of my life. I called him my Sperm Donor. Most of my life I felt resentment, anger, and wanted revenge against the wrongs that I felt he had done. These feelings seeped into my relationships, my work environment and my weight was out of control. I was unaware of the painful experiences I was creating with my emotions.

One day I had a miraculous life changing event that allowed me to forgive my father and release the pain that I carried from every cell in my body. Not only were my relationships better but my finances improved as well. After this experience I  wanted to find a way to teach what I had learned. It had to be easy to understand and implement so that others could use it to change their lives.

From that miraculous experience I developed techniques and practices that you can use to forgive yourself and others.

I have over twenty years experience working in the Child Welfare and Mental Health field. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an ordained minister (Doctor of Divinity). In college my major was Mental Health Research with an emphasis on learning and processing information and minor in Human Biology.  My Masters is in Social Work. I discovered a strong link between psychological principles and spiritual beliefs and their ability to help change behavior.

My intention is to offer you my many years of experience helping clients release the pain of trauma and fear. I have assessed and evaluated many people and the result was the same. People suffered with painful experiences, held onto the trauma, and it showed up in every aspect of their life. They then began creating addictive experiences like alcohol or drug abuse, bad (toxic) relationships, poor health or generational poverty. By reframing and not identifying with the trauma they began to forgive. It was like being released from their own prison. How did they do it?

By using the techniques of forgiveness that are as ancient as the Bible. I have developed THE "I AM" SOLUTIONTM which you can implement and get amazing results.

What happens when you release years of pain? You begin to live a SUPERCHARGED life. 

You can Be the One to forgive and heal your life. Be the One.