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Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE is HERE.  The chapter video's are available here. There are 19 short video's- buy the book today.


The video's are intended to bring clarity to each chapter by providing clarity to the function of the ego and the presence of our inner hero which is always within.

Dr. Karmen Smith provides an example of living an authentic life from knowing who we are. The "I AM" Solution TM  provides a framework and practices to live from LOVE instead of FEAR.

Thank you for purchasing The " I AM" SOLUTION: Simple  Practices to Transform FEAR Back to LOVE.

The following link can provide you with the video's that accompany each chapter. Click on the Youtube link at the bottom of the video where all of the video's are stored.

After you read each chapter you can watch the video which gives further explanation of the spiritual concepts and meaning.