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Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE is HERE.  The chapter video's are available here. There are 19 short video's- buy the book today.

How do you define Yourself? Through your TRAUMA? 

Media -TV shows-Celebrities-Beauty Magazines-Video Games

The School system - Grades- Cliques- Popularity- Degree

Family- Sibling Relationships- Birth Order- Culture

Culture- Race-Financial Status-Gender



"I Choose ME"

Words to the song below are translated in English to mean:

Which designer do I choose? I don't want to choose. ( she lists designers).

The new perfume I choose is ME. I choose Me.












In this video Dr. Karmen Smith explains your true Identity is that of The Wizard. We have forgotten who we are therefore we have accepted a lessor life. Dr. Smith explains the Power of the Wizard through the movies we are all familiar with it. The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings are all reminders that we are made of magic. We are powerful, creative and pure spirit.

You are a Wizard with all the knowledge of the source available to you. But we believe that we are powerless and unworthy of the core attributes of the Source. Because of this belief we live a life of lack, lower self worth and realization.